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We at SLAM Plumbing make a concentrated effort to give our clients a full-service 24/7 experience. What this means to you is that all residential and commercial needs can be met any time of the day or night. Since our company was founded, our professional team of plumbers has taken pride in the work they provide Norcross, Tucker, and Duluth customers.

We at SLAM believe that affordability and reliability go hand-in-hand, and as such, prioritize all of our customers’ requests. For each and every project, we aim to provide great prices with no hidden charges. Expect honesty and integrity from our team, with no hidden drama.

One way we keep our prices affordable to everyone is by keeping overhead low. As a locally-owned and operated company, we strive to offer our Norcross customers affordable plumbing service all day, every day. Now, our clients, but business and residential alike, have a partner they can trust at a time they feel exceptionally vulnerable. Get the services you truly need by calling us immediately at (770) 243-5729.

Our Norcross plumbing team is ready to guarantee your satisfaction by dispatching a professional to your premises when you need it, regardless of the time of day or the day of the week. Including on holidays, we look forward to serving you.

What plumbing services can we provide you with at SLAM Plumbing?

Leak Detection

Your home and yard may sustain significant water damage from hidden leaks, which can also serve as a haven for mold and mildew. Did you know that a leak can result in the annual loss of hundreds of gallons of water? Consider the effects on both the environment and your pocketbook! If you see any of the following indications, contact our top-rated plumbers for a water leak detection service:

  • Your monthly water bill increases
  • Your well pump is constantly running
  • Ceilings with obvious water stains
  • Puddles or sopping-wet plants in your yard
  • Even when the water is turned off, the water meter continues to operate
  • Low water pressure
    Scents of mildew or must
  • When water is not being used, you might hear it flowing or running
Leak detection slam
Water heaters

water heater replacement and maintenance

Water heater troubles come in various forms, but no matter the issue or service required, we are ready with a solution. Whether you have an electric or gas-powered water heater, our customers know they can count on our plumbing services in Norcross GA to repair or replace it. On top of that, we are experts in traditional tank heaters as well as tankless models. Further, our plumbing experts will help you make an informed decision when choosing your next water heater, taking your needs and requirements into consideration.


A reliable Norcross GA plumbing team member understands just how important maintaining water and sewer lines are to a home or business. Therefore, they’ll offer the best possible solution based on your particular situation. They realize there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Are you seeing unusually high water bills? Maybe you’ve experienced a backup at the main sewer line or yard leaks. Regardless of the issue, contact us for a solution, including trenchless options.

TOILETS issues

Whether your toilet is stopped up beyond your personal repair or it’s running incessantly, call us immediately to stop high water bills that are common with old, damaged, or malfunctioning toilets. Additionally, our professional Norcross GA plumber team will ensure your toilet is compliant with any local conservation standards. From replacing fixtures to gas line issues, our SLAM plumbing services of Norcross GA have you covered. Call us for drain cleaning, hydro-jetting, or backflow jetting and repair. Our experts can get the job done right the first time. At SLAM, we’ll immediately dispatch a full-service plumber who will meet and exceed your expectations. To speak to a representative now, call us day or night at (770) 243-5729.

Let Us Help and Serve You

At SLAM Plumbing, we strive to dispatch a full-service plumbing experience you deserve. For more information, call us at any time at 770-243-5729.

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