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We at SLAM Plumbing offer full-service plumbing options 24/7 for residential and commercial clients alike. From the very start of our company, our plumber Lilburn GA professionals have been proudly serving Lilburn, GA clients and the surrounding community. To be sure you get services that are as reliable as they are affordable, we facilitate every one of our valued clients through their plumbing experiences. On each job we do, either residential and commercial, we give our clients tremendous value and savings. Work with us if you want an experience free of drama, hidden charges, excessive pricing, or sleight of hand.

Our Lilburn GA plumbing company is both locally operated and owned. We keep our overhead low in order to offer affordable services to our customers every hour of every day throughout the week. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing we’re always there to give you the plumbing services that you might need. Contact us at (770) 243-5729.

We are always standing by to offer the plumbing services Lilburn GA needs, day or night. No matter when you need us, you can ask for us and we will be there.

Look over the multitude of professional plumbing services that we at SLAM Plumbing have to offer you:

Leak Detection

Within your backyard, under the concrete, behind walls, and in ceilings, you might locate undetected leaks. Finding the root of these annoying leaks requires some investigative skill. Fortunately, we have a team of experts who are skilled at playing detective and have access to the most cutting-edge equipment and technologies. The necessary licenses and insurance are held by each of our specialists.
Leak detection slam
Water heaters

water heaters

Regardless of the kind of water heater issues you have or service you require, we’re available with viable answers. As a matter of fact, we provide nearly every plumbing service that Lilburn customers need. Count on us for water heaters powered by both electricity and gas. We also have conventional and tankless systems. We’ll help you make an educated choice about the right kind of water heater for your family and home.


Do you have constant drips in your kitchen or bathroom coming from the faucets? Does your shower valve leak? Tell us the issues you are experiencing. Count on us for the service or replacement of all kinds of fixtures.


Toilets that don’t meet modern standards involved with local conservation aren’t just out-of-date but also give you high water bills. Avoid them with efficient plumbing and fixtures by calling us right away.


We know how crucial it is to maintain these lines, which is why our plumbing professionals offer the services your situation requires. Regardless of the specifics at the moment, we have solutions for every issue that relates to sewer and water lines. Whether you have a yard leak, main line backup, or just high water bills, consult us immediately for solutions. We also provide trenchless solutions to answer your water service problems.


We know how faulty gas lines can present issues and even dangers. Call us today for a licensed technician who can handle working on your gas piping.


Since drain cleaning is often the most requested plumbing service from our Lilburn customers, we offer highly advanced services. We utilize distinct drain cleaning equipment so we can clean out your drain lines in order to start flowing again. When you’re ready for this, contact us when it’s convenient for you to do so.


Restaurant owners need viable solutions, such as preventative jetting and hydro-jetting. We provide these services to resolve backup disasters. For more details about these services, contact us.


To be sure your health is adequately protected, have us do an inspection of your residential or commercial property. We can service your property with an annual test to prevent issues with your backflow devices.
Backflow Testing
Polybutylene removal


Pipes with polybutylene have materials with well-known defects. You should have these removed from your Lilburn home if you have them. Schedule an appointment so our licensed technicians can remove them and then replace them with something modern, safe, and effective.

We Are Here to Serve:

We at SLAM Plumbing work hard to offer full-service plumbing services when you need them. Contact us any time to find out more at 770-243-5729.

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