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The Unsurpassed Plumbing Solutions in Canton, GA

SLAM Plumbing service in Canton, GA is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive plumbing experience, available 24/7 to cater to your residential or commercial plumbing requirements. Our professional plumbers, who take immense in what they do, have been serving the Canton, GA community and its surrounding areas since the company’s establishment.

We provide personalized attention to every commercial or residential plumbing service request to ensure our clients receive dependable and cost-effective services. With us, you can expect transparency and value for your money—no hidden fees or unnecessary charges, no shady business practices, and no stress.

As a locally owned and operated business, we keep our overhead costs low to provide reasonably priced plumbing services around the clock, every day of the week. With SLAM Plumbing, you can finally have peace of mind knowing you will get necessary plumbing support. Contact us today by calling 770-243-5729.

Canton, GA professional plumbers are ready whenever and wherever you need us, all year round. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service and complete satisfaction.

Take a look at the extensive plumbing services offered by SLAM Plumbing

Leak Detection

To prevent water damage and subsequent mold growth, any leak should be addressed immediately, regardless of how visible it appears. If you are unsure of the source of any water stains or puddles you have noticed, we can help.
Leak detection slam
Water heaters

water heaters

Whether you are facing a water heater issue or need a water heater service, we are here to offer a suitable solution. Our plumbers can service electric or gas-powered water heaters, including traditional tank and tankless systems. We can also assist you in selecting the best water heater for your home or business.


If you are experiencing issues with leaky faucets, shower valves, or any other type of fixture, our plumbing team is here to help. We can replace or repair any fixture in your home or commercial property.


Maintaining efficient toilets and conserving water are crucial to reducing high water bills. Our plumbing experts are here to ensure that every toilet on your property complies with local conservation standards.


We recognize the value of keeping water and sewer lines in good working order, and our plumbing specialists are available to help with any problems that arise. High water bills, main sewer line backups, yard leaks—you name it, we have a solution. We also offer trenchless options for water service problems. If you encounter any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Gas line malfunctions can be dangerous and problematic. Our licensed technicians are ready to handle any gas piping work promptly and efficiently. Call us today.


Drain cleaning is a commonly requested plumbing service, and we are proud to provide state-of-the-art drain cleaning services. Our technicians use advanced equipment to clean drain lines and restore proper flow. Contact us for immediate assistance.


We offer hydro-jetting and preventative jetting services for restaurant owners to resolve any backup disasters. Reach out to us for more information.


Protect your health by having us inspect and service any backflow prevention devices on your property. Schedule an annual test by contacting us.
Backflow Testing
Polybutylene removal


Removing polybutylene pipes, a known defective material, is an essential plumbing service in Canton, GA that many residents require. If you have polybutylene pipes in your home, contact us right away to have them removed and replaced.

Let Us Help and Serve You

At SLAM Plumbing in Canton, GA we aim to deliver a full-service plumbing experience that exceeds expectations. We are committed to providing comprehensive and high-quality plumbing services to the residents of Canton, GA, and its surrounding areas. Our professional plumbers are highly skilled and experienced, they are also very proud of their work. With 24/7 availability, our team is always ready to provide prompt and efficient plumbing in Canton, GA area to meet all your plumbing needs.

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