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At SLAM Plumbing, we strive to provide a 24/7 full-service plumbing experience that suits your commercial or residential plumbing needs. Since our company’s inception, our professional plumbers, all of whom take great pride in their work, have been proudly serving Alpharetta, GA, and its surrounding areas. In order to ensure you receive affordable and reliable services, we facilitate each of our valued commercial or residential customers’ plumbing service experiences. On every job, we provide our customers with great savings and true value; no excessive or hidden charges, no sleight-of-hand trickery, and no drama.

Our locally-owned and operated company keeps overhead low, so we can give our plumbing customers affordably priced services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can finally rest assured that you will receive the plumbing services you need. Call us right now at 770-243-5729.

To guarantee your 100% satisfaction, we are always ready to dispatch our Alpharetta professional plumbers when requested any day of the year. We are awaiting to help and serve you.

Check out the many professional plumbing services at SLAM Plumbing

water heaters

No matter what type of water heater problem you have, or water heater service you need, we are awaiting to offer a viable solution. In fact, we offer many plumbing services Alpharetta customers need. We specialize in electric or gas-powered water heaters, including traditional tank and tankless systems. Whenever necessary, we can also assist you in making a well-informed decision in choosing the type of water heater that is right for you and your home.


Are you having issues with the faucet in the kitchen or the lavatory that constantly drips? Is the shower valve leaky? Tell us about any issue you may be experiencing. We replace or service any type of fixture.


Avoiding high water bills requires that any toilet existing on your commercial or residential property complies with the standards of local conservation. To ensure each toilet on your property is efficient, call us today.


Because we understand the importance of maintaining water and sewer lines, our plumbing technicians will offer services based on your situation. No matter the specifics, we have a solution for any issue related water and sewer lines. Such problems may include high water bills, backup of main sewer line, yard leak, etc. When you have a problem, contact us immediately. We also offer trenchless solutions for water service issues.


Because we understand faulty gas lines how hazardous and problematic can be, one of our licensed technicians would like to handle the work on the gas piping without delay. Call us today.


Because drain cleaning is one of the most common plumbing services Alpharetta customers have requested, and we proudly provide the most advanced services. Using unique drain cleaning equipment, we will clean your drain lines and get them flowing again. When you are ready, call us at your earliest convenience.


For restaurant owners, we provide viable solutions (like hydro-jetting and preventative jetting) with which to resolve any backup disaster. Contact us for more details.


To ensure your health is protected, let us inspect and service any backflow prevention device on your commercial or residential property. Contact us to schedule an annual test.


Removing polybutylene pipes, a well-known defective material, is one of the most important plumbing services Alpharetta GA customers want removed from their homes. If polybutylene pipes are installed in your residence, schedule our licensed technicians to remove and replace them immediately.

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At SLAM Plumbing, we strive to dispatch a full-service plumbing experience you deserve. For more information, call us at any time at 770-243-5729.

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